Poul Cadovius Royal Danish System, 1948

Poul Cadovius Royal Danish System, 1948


Royal Danish System shelving system in solid teak. The system was conceived by the Danish designer Poul Cadovius n 1948. It was awarded a Gold Medal at Finland Furniture Fair in 1950 and silver at Milan Triennale, and the system set a benchmark for wall storage design. Produced to exacting standards, it is an extremely versatile and flexible design that you can easily reconfigure or extend. Difficult to date this exactly but we think probably early to mid 1960's. It is in very good condition, with expected age-related wear.


This system has:

3 Wall support rails (3.5cm x Wx 180cm H x 1.5xm D)

1 Desk/Cupboard unit (79.5 cm W x 43cm H x 36mm D) 

1 Four drawer unit (79.5cm W x 23cm H x 29cm D)

1 library display shelf (79.5cm W x 29cm D)

2 wide shelves (79.5cm W x 23 D x 2cm H)

2 narrow shelves (79.5 x 19.5cm D x 2 cm H)


The desk/cupboard unit has 1 downward-opening door on brass supports and inside it has two sections and a drawer unit.